Filing Annual Reports by State

Whether you are a large or small business, most states require that
corporations and LLC's file annual reports. Every states has
different due dates, filing fees, information required when filing and
in some states the reports Is just not required. Find out what your
states annual report requirements are.

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An annual report is a short document that must be filed with the appropriate state agency by business owners. Also called an annual statement or statement of information, an annual report provides state agencies with a record of the company’s business activities for the previous year, as well as updates on any changes in the business which have occurred over the previous year.

Why do I need to file an annual report?

Filing annual reports in the state where the business was incorporated, as well as any states in which the company does business must be completed. To file an annual report is important because it ensures that your business receives notice of any lawsuits or other important business documents and correspondence. It also ensures that your business is in good standing with the state.

How often do I need to file an annual report?

Annual reports vary widely from state to state, but generally, types of businesses that must file include corporations, LLCs, nonprofit corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships. Most states require an annual report be filed each year, but this can differ by state as well, with some requiring filing every two years and even some only every 10 years. The date on which they are due varies by state. In some states, annual reports are due by a specific date each year, while in others they are due on the anniversary of the company’s incorporation.

What information goes on the annual report?

It’s important to know your company’s annual report due date and set reminders, as failure to file on time can result in late fees and penalties, as well as loss of good standing with the state. Completing an annual report can be a simple process. Information that is generally required on the annual report includes:
1. Name and address of the business
2. Names and addresses of officers, directors, managers, and members
3. Name and address of the registered agent
4. The business activity type of business.

Some states may require additional information such as:
1. Authorized and issued shares of stock
2. Financial information
3. NAICS Code
4. If property is owned by the business within the state 5. Number of employees

The business must also pay the required fees for filing the annual report.

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