LLC Operating Agreement Filing

Operating Agreements

Some documents necessary for running a successful LLC are not required to be filed with the Secretary of State; however, there are some states that may require that companies have these documents on file internally. One such document is an operating agreement which outlines company specific rules for doing business. Operating agreements provide an official record that outlines how the LLC may or may not conduct business and the rules and regulations to which the company must adhere. Drafted by members of the LLC, operating agreements should also include the following information:

  • How officers are elected and their powers and duties
  • How members are to be added or removed
  • Annual meeting locations and times (an LLC may choose to hold annual meetings, but it is not required by law)
  • Percentage of capital contribution and percentage of ownership of members
  • Defines the entitlements, rights and powers of each member and manager within the LLC.
  • Financial provisions and provisions for taxes, capital and dissolution
  • The procedures for bringing in more members or for the transfer of ownership interests

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The Importance of Operating Agreements

Operating agreements are important because they ensure that the company operates according to the vision of the LLC’s members and managers. Even though it is not required for LLC’s, an operating agreement should be on file to protect the integrity of the business.

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Depending on the state, failing to file an initial report may result in fines ranging from $10 to $250, company placement as inactive or in bad standing, revocation of incorporation status or dissolution of the company. In case of the latter, companies must resubmit incorporation documents and repay incorporation fees.

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