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Having an LLC is one of the best ways to have a protected barrier between your personal assets like your house, cars and money in the bank from your business. You’ll have the freedom to run the business the way you want without all the strict formalities of a corporation. We’ll take care of all the paperwork needed to form an LLC.

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What Distinguishes an LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is the most common form of business entity for small companies. To form an LLC is a simple process and offers several benefits and advantages to the owner.

An LLC affords the owners personal asset protection. This main advantage means members are not personally responsible for the company’s liabilities or debts, and therefore their personal property cannot be taken for the company’s debts.

Forming an LLC offers tax benefits as well, through what is referred to as pass through taxation. This means the income passes through the LLC to its members and is taxed that way, therefore it avoids a double taxation of taxing both the LLC and members separately.

Other benefits of forming an LLC include:

  • Less paperwork and fewer company formalities than a corporation
  • Fewer management structure restrictions than a corporation
  • An unlimited number of members
  • Or can have just a single member
  • Can be formed with a set expiration date or last indefinitely

What documents are needed to form an LLC?

  • Articles of Organization have to be filed with the secretary of state.
    • The Articles of Organization provide basic information like:
      • LLC’s name
      • Address
      • Agent for Service of Process
  • Operating Agreement

Why Choose Us?

What sets DoMyLLC apart from other companies that can help you form an LLC is we put all of our focus on helping you rather than beating the competition. Facets of our business philosophy include:

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Depending on the state in which it’s formed, an LLC may or may not be required to have a registered agent, or agent for service of process. Even if not required to have one, it may still be wise to appoint an RA.

If an LLC has more than one member, they are required to obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN). If an LLC has just a single member, then a Social Security Number will suffice.

Our LLC filing packages include:

  • Articles of Organization
  • Sample Operating Agreement
    • Member managed
    • Manager managed
  • Templates to hold meetings and take the minutes of meetings
  • Compliance calendar

DoMyLLC proudly offers:

  • A price match guarantee
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Dependable customer care
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  • Professional live support

Comparison Chart

LLC’s offer a pass though taxation. Rather than assessing income tax on an LLC, the income is instead filtered through and becomes the responsibility of the individual members/owners. The same applies to losses. Fortunately, members can deduct losses from their individual taxes, but keep in mind only for the total amount of their allocated company interest.

Before you start an LLC, make sure you’re current on the latest tax info and requirements with the help of our LLC tax page.


The LLC business structure combines the liability protection of a corporation and the tax convenience of a partnership.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, another reason to create an LLC is because you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t want to be beholden to other partners. For operational clarity in LLCs with multiple members, it’s common to draft an operating agreement listing obligations and positions.

Articles of Organization have to be filed with the Secretary of State. An operating agreement is required although it is not filed with any agency and a tax identification number from the IRS may also be required.

See our complete FAQ list here.

Ready to Form an LLC?

With $99 and the money required for your state fees, you can take the first step in starting your very own LLC. DoMyLLC takes care of all of the heavy lifting once you’ve completed your order and have verified and signed all necessary documents. After that, we’ll send over the remaining paperwork.

Included in our packages:

  • Articles of Organization
  • Sample Operating agreement
    • Member managed
    • Manager managed
  • Templates to hold meeting and take minutes of meeting
  • Compliance calendar

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