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The day may come when your business will need to be closed through the state. As sad as it may be, closing a business doesn’t mean another can’t open. It takes more than simply closing the doors of your business for it to be officially closed. Just as paperwork is required for buying or selling a car, paperwork must be filed to properly update the state on the status of your business. If a business remains listed as active, it must file taxes and corporate paperwork. Filing a dissolution is the best way to tell the state, “I’m no longer in business.”

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Certain steps are required to form a company, including the filing of the Articles of Incorporation. Similarly, if the time comes to end the company, steps should be taken to legally dissolve the company, called corporate dissolutions.

Theoretically, you could unofficially terminate the company by simply ceasing all operations, however, this option opens the company up to potential lawsuits and other liabilities. Unless you notify the state and file for dissolution, the company’s financial obligations to the state will continue. These obligations can include state fees, minimum taxes, and annual reporting requirements.

The steps to corporate dissolution vary by state, but generally include:

  • A board meeting where dissolution will be formally voted on and passed
  • The filing of a certificate of dissolution with the secretary of state
  • Notification to the Internal Revenue Service
  • The closing of credit lines and bank accounts, canceling of licenses, etc.

The dissolution of a company is often a stressful time, so it helps to have someone like DoMyLLC to help guide you along the way and provide personalized support and service.

You provide us with a small amount of information and we take it from there. We will perform tasks like:

  • Preparation of your filing
  • Perform a quality check of your filing
  • Process your payment
  • Request your authorization as well as a signature
  • Submit the required documents to the relevant secretary of state
  • Send you a hard copy via FedEx
  • Send you an electronic copy to your email address

Let DoMyLLC help you when you need it most. We offer:

  • Personalized solutions from our team of experts
  • Live support which equals quick and reliable answers to your questions
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Competitive pricing including a price match guarantee

Hassle Free Process

When you are ceasing operations for your business, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. Letting DoMyLLC assist you in terminating your business with the state helps take the heavy lifting off your shoulders so that you can focus on other tasks. Remember that you may need to take additional steps to ending operations, including notifying creditors and filing necessary tax forms.

If you’re ready to dissolve your company, DoMyLLC is ready to help. Order your services now or start with a quote. We’re here to assist you throughout the entire lifespan of your business.

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