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From annual reports, business licenses and registered agent services, our compliance tool can keep you well informed and up to date. As easy as scrolling through your phone, our ENTITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will give you the power and knowledge to stay compliant in any district you’re qualified in.

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Corporate entity management permeates all other corporate governance and compliance functions. What is corporate entity management and how does it apply to your business?

It is vitally important to manage the inflow and outflow of information, and maintain corporate data and documents that relate and inform to transactions and filings. At its most basic, this is corporate entity management.

Why is it important? In order to avoid breaches of law and/or penalties, it is important that your business’s information is comprehensive, complete, and accurate.

What does corporate entity management include?

DoMyLLC offers our Entity Management compliance tool, which keeps you informed and up-to-date, no matter what district your business is in. Let us help with things like:

Access to our Entity Management System and templates
Meeting all deadlines on time

With four decades of experience, our corporate entity management experts know how to provide outstanding communication and ensure you meet any and all compliance standards. Staying compliant with your corporate filings has never been easier, thanks to our compliance services and corporate entity management system. Relax and rest easy knowing DoMyLLC is in your corner and ready to help you meet all of your deadlines and compliance needs.

People Love Us

David Scalese
Deter Clothing

“DoMyLLC made sure I was notified when business filings were needed to be completed. I do not have time to remember what filing is due and when it is do. DoMyLLC is like my business secretary.”

Josh Goldsholl
Get Down Entertainment Group, Inc.

“When I needed to set up a corporation for my business, I used DoMyLLC because I was able to talk to a live person the first time I called their office. He kept his word which is the most important thing in my opinion.”

Rafi J
NTex Pools, LLC

“DoMyLLC established my LLC within a week and at a lower cost than any other competitor. Everyone time I had a question or concern I was immediately able to get into touch with staff even on holidays. “

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