What is a Registered Agent?

Standard Business Definition:

A registered agent (sometimes known as a resident agent or statutory agent dependent on which state you are in) is a designated person or entity that is required by United States business law to notify a business owner of a service of process and file all appropriate forms and paperwork for renewal of the business entities charter.

Ok, what does that mean, in English?

You know that friend you have that always seems to get their tax return money before everyone else does, never gets a fine for being late on their car registration, and always seems to know everyone’s phone number and email address by heart?Well, that’s what a registered agent is: a super organized best friend, only for your business.

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A registered agent is the one who gets mailed all of your paperwork, tells you when it’s time to fill that paperwork out, and makes sure that it is submitted to all of the right places. They are the first one to know if you’re in danger of being delinquent in filing your paperwork for your business, and they are also a crucial ally to have on your side if you are ever sued or are in danger of having legal action leveraged against you.

Once you have a designated registered agent, you are saying to the government:

“Hi, this is my person who will handle all the paperwork for my business, send them everything, because I am super busy running that business, and also because you scare me, the Government”

From that moment on, the government will send your registered agent all of the necessary forms and tax documents that you as a business owner need to maintain in order to keep doing business. It’s up to your registered agent to keep you informed and up to date on all this paperwork, and to file it for you so you don’t incur fines (or worse) lose the right to do business altogether!

Yeah, that actually happens. And there are very few things more terrifying than losing the right to do business just because you failed to fill out some paperwork.

A qualified and experienced full-service registered agent helps you to take the pain out of the paperwork you have to do as a business owner. They keep your compliance in order and up to date, they know how to acquire government assistance in the jurisdiction where your business operates, and in the event that you find yourself on the wrong end of legal proceedings, registered agents can steer litigation proceedings and make sure that your business filings are fully prepared.

And how do they do all of these magical things? Primarily by performing two very important functions for you:

1) They understand the paperwork required by your particular business or industry.

2) They know where, when, and to whom this paperwork needs to be submitted in order for you to be compliant.

How do you choose a good registered agent?

Experience is everything. You’re searching for someone that is knowledgeable, savvy, and extremely good at keeping up with ever-shifting compliance and business laws. Additionally, business compliance laws vary from state to state, so make sure that the registered agent service you are evaluating operates in or near the state that you operate your business in.

If you’ve done your homework, and you’ve chosen wisely, then your registered agent will become your business’s best friend, one that makes sure that your business never falls behind in its filings and remains compliant.

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