If an LLC or Corp fails to stay in good standing, some states may require a Reinstatement be filed for the business to be able to operate in the state again. Not filing a reinstatement could lead the business to be involuntarily dissolved. There are several reasons that cause companies to be in bad standing; e.g. unpaid renewal fees, failure to submit annual reports, no registered agent on file, not renewing state business license. Let us help put that behind you and get you reinstated.

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When your company files the necessary paperwork and pays the proper fees and taxes to the state of incorporation, it is considered in good standing. However, if your company fails to meet those conditions, an individual state can then take action against your company to dissolve it and revoke its status of good standing, thus putting the company in bad standing.

What reasons might constitute bad standing for your company?

  • Failure to file annual reports
  • Failure to pay state fees
  • Failure to pay renewal fees
  • Failure to pay franchise taxes
  • Failure to renew the state business license
  • Failing to have a registered agent on file

How do you return your company or corporation from bad standing to good standing and reinstate a corporation? Reinstatements.

A reinstatement is a way for your company to regain its proper legal status and good standing with the state of incorporation.

Why is reinstating a company important?

You may be wondering why reinstating your company to good standing is important, or if it’s even important at all. The answer is a resounding yes. Having your company in good standing provides certain legal protections for you, such as the limited liability you enjoy. If your company loses its good standing, you may be personally responsible for the company’s losses, debts, and other outstanding bills.

Let the experts here at DoMyLLC help and guide you through reinstatements. We offer:

  • Personalized care for your unique situation and needs
  • Live support for quick answers and solutions whenever you need them
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Price-match guarantee

How does it work?

You simply place your order with us and authorize your forms, then we take care of the rest, including:

  • Audit your forms, check for quality, and correct any errors
  • We’ll contact state agencies to determine necessary filing fees
  • We submit your forms to the appropriate state agencies
  • Return your company go good standing
  • Email a digital copy of your forms to you
  • Ship a physical copy of your forms to you via FedEx

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