Corporate Bylaws and Minutes

Corporate bylaws and minutes are a requirement for all corporations to have and maintain. Bylaws define how the corporation will be structured and run while the minutes are a records of what took place during a corporate a meeting.

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Corporate Bylaws and Minutes

Bylaws provide a record containing a detailed description of the rules and regulations that govern how a company will operate. They generally consist of the following types of information:

  • How to organize meetings
  • When those meetings will be held
  • How directors and officers are to be elected and removed
  • A roster of the company’s directors and officers
  • A summary of the directors’ and officers’ duties

Bylaws are required for every corporation, and states require documentation of a company’s bylaws. A company must also keep minutes for all of their corporate meetings.

Companies are required to maintain accurate meeting minutes of all corporate meetings. These minutes serve as an official record of formal meetings of the shareholders, board of directors, and managers and members. Corporate meeting minutes should also serve as a record of any other meetings a corporation holds.

All of these records combined help to protect the company’s shareholders from liability.

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