Certified Copy of Documents

Certified Copy of Documents

Having the right documentation and submitting it to all the correct agencies is an essential part of forming a legal entity like a corporation or limited liability partnership. These original documents imply having a record of legal formation is not enough; sometimes certified copies of filing records are required. Articles of incorporation and other essential organizational paperwork filed with the state in which a corporation was originally formed can be used to create certified copies; although the state holds the original paperwork business leaders should have certified copies of these documents for corporate record keeping. Many different certified documents can be requested and ideally should be kept in company files including:

  • Articles of incorporation/organization
  • Annual reports
  • Amendments
  • Foreign authority
  • Reinstatements
  • Withdrawals and dissolutions

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The Importance of Certified Copy of Documents

Many states require certified copies of a company’s articles of incorporation and other organizational documents before that company is allowed to do business within its borders; having copies available can simplify the process of becoming established in new markets. Furthermore, many banks require certified copies in order to process loans and provide other commercial financial services. Should the original articles pertaining to your company ever be lost, having official copies from the state the corporation was originally formed in is a good backup. In short, there are many reasons why business leaders might want to keep certified copies of essential corporate documents or obtain new ones.

Customized Support Tailored For You

DoMyLLC can assist business leaders with obtaining a certified article of organization through our simple two-step process. This streamlined approach cuts down on much of the waiting and hassle that individuals often experience when trying to handle corporate legal paperwork on their own. We offer personal care through every step to better resolve any concerns that you might have. Our live support can answer questions about any of our services and assist with selecting the service that is right for you. By providing a broad spectrum of services related to the formation and operation of all types of corporations we help businesses become established on a firm foundation; no matter what stage of growth your company is in, we have services that can assist. DoMyLLC offers highly competitive pricing and a price match guarantee; never pay more for these valuable services. 100% customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Hassle Free Process

Companies can obtain certified copies of articles of incorporation and organization using our simple two-step process. Start by placing an order through our website; we guide you through providing any paperwork necessary to complete the filling process. Next, simply verify that all the submitted documents are correct and sign them. Our experienced team members handle the rest of the filing process. We contact the relevant state agencies and governmental departments to obtain certified copies and pay any applicable fees. As soon as we have certified copies of the documents you requested we email electronic copies and send paper copies directly to you via FedEx.

This is a fast, convenient way of obtaining certified documents in much less time than it might take your team on their own. Our experts are at your service and are dedicated to helping you do business better. Place your order now to start the process of obtaining certified documents; you can also request a convenient quote online.

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