Corporate Entity Conversion


As a company grows business decision makers might discover that the original articles of incorporation no longer suit the needs of the organization. A company may have grown beyond the scope that was initially envisioned and it might be evident that a different sort of corporate structure would meet the developing needs of the company in a much better way. Corporation conversion is the process by which this can be accomplished; a corporation is transformed from one structure to another with the help of the same legal structures that allowed it to form in the first place. However, since some states do not allow corporations to undergo conversion it may be necessary to dissolve a corporate entity and then refile with a new structure. Determining which course of action is best for any organization can be difficult, as can filing the relevant paperwork with the correct state agencies and governmental offices. DoMyLLC can assist with all types of corporate conversion, including:

  • LLC to Corporation
  • Corporation to LLC
  • Nonprofit Organization to For-Profit Organization

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The Importance of Conversions

Conversions might take place for many reasons, including to avoid various formalities associated with the corporate structure, for tax purposes, and to allow for more ownership. Discovering which states do and do not allow for various conversions to take place can be a time-consuming task; this is one of the reasons that so many companies have chosen to partner with DoMyLLC. Our team has the experience required to accurately and quickly file for LLC conversion and any other conversions allowed by state law. We can help you discover which conversions you might qualify for in the state where the corporation was originally formed; this can provide the foundation required for accelerated growth and future development.

Customized Support Tailored For You

DoMyLLC has been a first choice among corporate decision makers because of our excellent service track record. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and provide a personal service to better meet the particular concerns affecting the organization you represent. Personal care is augmented by the live support services available online or over the phone. We want you to feel fully informed of every option available to you; if you ask us, “How do I start converting my company?” we will have accurate and relevant answers ready for you. Our services are always competitively priced and if you find a better rate elsewhere, let us know – we offer a price match guarantee so you always know that you have found the best deal for the services you need.

Hassle Free Process

Converting your company from one structure to another can be accomplished with our simple and effective two-step process. To begin, simply place your order and submit all required documents. Next, review the documents for accuracy and sign them. Everything else is handled by our team of skilled business experts. We take care of filing for conversion in the applicable state as well as paying any fees required along the way. Once the conversion filing has been successfully completed you will receive an email with electronic copies of the document.

We will also send paper copies via FedEx to place in your company records.Start the conversion process today and give your company the resources required for meaningful growth.

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