When a company that is filed in multiple states decides to close in one of those states, a LLC or corporation withdrawal is needed. A corporate withdrawal tells the state, “We are not going to operate or have a location in your state anymore but the company is still active in other states.

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In order to conduct business in a state other than the one the company was formed in, an LLC or corporation must register to do business as a foreign entity in that state. If and when the company decides to cease business operations in the foreign state, it must file for LLC or corporation withdrawal in order to formally and legally close its operations in that state.

Failure to Withdrawal

So what happens if your company fails to file for withdrawal as a foreign entity?

  • The company will continue to be responsible for annual report filings and tax obligations in that particular state
  • Failure to file a LLC or Corporation withdrawal can lead to the company not being in good standing which means they are:
    • Not able to conduct legal business in court, including lawsuits
    • Liable for fees and penalties to the state
    • Prohibited from conducting any further business in the state
  • LLC members continuing to have tax records connecting them to the corporation

Business owners often focus on the procedures associated with forming, opening, and operating a business, but they neglect to think about the process for closing one. This process requires the same amount of thought, care, and attention as the others.

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