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Business decision makers often focus on the process required for forming an LLC. The process of closing a foreign corporation/LLC – also called corporation withdrawal – requires just as much attention and care. Missteps in this process can delay the issuing of necessary certification and might have other negative effects on members of the LLC. Withdrawal is a legal process that an LLC or other corporate entity must go through to be truly dissolved; because the corporation is a formal legal entity, a legal process is required for its dissolution. All corporations must receive formal withdrawal, including:

  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Litmited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnerships

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Importance Of A Withdrawal

Even if a company has done no business whatsoever, or no business within a particular state, if the legal entity was created it must be dissolved using legal channels. Failing to do so would result in LLC members continuing to have tax records connecting them to the corporation and may carry other legal and financial penalties. Because filing is such an important undertaking, it in stakeholders’ best interest for business decision makers to partner with an experienced corporate service provider like DoMyLLC.

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DoMyLLC has helped companies of all sizes successfully withdraw from operation and complete every step necessary for proper closure. Working with a company experienced in the nuances of LLC withdrawal is very helpful and can ensure that everything is finished in a prompt and accurate manner. Having the right paperwork completed and verified can prevent later misunderstandings. We provide accurate support on a personal basis; each customer receives the benefit of our extensive experience. We get to know the concerns of everyone we serve in order to provide the right answers to every question. 100% customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. DoMyLLC offers highly competitive pricing and even has a price match guarantee; if you find a lower price elsewhere, just let us know.

Hassle Free Process

Filing for the withdrawal of a corporation or LLC with DoMyLLC is very simple. We use a convenient two-step process that streamlines the filing stages. Just place your order and then verify that all submitted forms are correct. Finish the process by signing the forms. DoMyLLC will take care of the rest by filing the paperwork with the state and paying any applicable filing fees. This saves you the effort of learning which office receives paperwork in the relevant state and then paying the correct department; we have an accurate record of all this information and more so everything is done quickly and efficiently. Once the filing process is completed we will send a copy of the paperwork via email and FedEx for your records. Everything can be finished in a matter of days, rather than the months that filing legal paperwork on your own can sometimes take. The speed with which we can accomplish complex legal filings has made us a first choice among anyone seeking to form or withdraw a corporation.

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