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Nothing is set in stone and changes to a business structure happen all the time. Some changes to a business are required to be documented and that is the purpose of filing an amendment.

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An Amendment is filed when a change to the Articles of Incorporation/Organization needs to be made. Filing an amendment with the state notifies them that an official change has been made to the Articles of Incorporation/Organization. Only information listed on the Articles of Incorporation/Organization may be amended.

Changes made to the Articles that generally require an amendment filing are:

  • Changes to Company Name
  • Changes to the Registered Agent
  • Changes the authorized shares of stock
  • Changes to the business address
  • Changes to the directors, members and officers
  • Changes in the company business activity

What are the most common types of amendments?

  • Changing the company name.
  • Changing authorized shares of stock.
  • Change to the registered agent or business address.
  • Change to the officers, directors or members.
  • Changing the business activity.

If something is not listed on the Articles of Incorporation/Organization how do I change it?

Usually, information not listed can be updated on the annual report. In the instance in which it is not on the Articles of Incorporation/Organization and not required on the annual report, it can be updated in the bylaws for a corporation or the operating agreement of an LLC.

What is the process once an order is placed with DoMyLLC?

  • A document specialist reviews the order and processes the request.
  • Documentation is sent to the contact and a officer, director or member will need to sign and return the documents in the envelope provided.
  • Documents will be sent to the state for approval.
  • Proof of filing will be sent to the customer for their records.

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