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There are a lot of things that a company owner has to do to grow a business. One of these is to make some changes. Doing this allows you to have a fresh start. However, it also requires knowledge and understanding to ensure compliance with the state.

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What is A Idaho Amendment?

Idaho requires all businesses operating in the state to report any major changes that they adopt. You will have to go through a legal process that includes the filing of the proper paperwork. Formalizing all changes to your Articles of Incorporation/Organization will prevent possible issues in the future.

Reasons Why You Need To File An Amendment

An Idaho company has to file an amendment due to a variety of reasons. Generally, the state requires paperwork if the changes that you want to adopt will affect your company’s structure.

A. Changing The Company Name –

  • LLCs

The company name is what most consumers remember. It is important to make it unique and memorable. Sometimes, the only way to do this is to change the company name completely. If your Idaho LLC decides to do this, you will have to submit an amendment. Aside from this, your company also needs to change the name on all official records.

  • Corporations

Changing the name of a corporation may be a smart move to rebrand or grow the business. However, it requires you to follow a certain process. File an amendment with the state to formalize your plans. You should also update all government records.

B. Changing Members Of The Business –

  • LLCs

When you first submitted your LLC’s formation documents to the state, you had to list the names, addresses, and contact information of your members and/or managers. You will have to inform the state of any changes to these pieces of information by filing an amendment.

  • Corporations

Idaho corporations are formed by filing Articles of Incorporation. Among the information you provided, there is a list containing the names, addresses, and contact information of your officers and directors. If you have to make changes to any of these pieces of information, you have to make sure that the state knows. You can do this by submitting an amendment form.

C. Changing Address Related To The Business –

  • LLCs

The principal office and mailing addresses of your LLC in Idaho are ways for the state to contact your business. Keeping them up to date will help ensure that your company receives all legal documents. File an amendment if there are any changes to your company address.

  • Corporations

Corporations also have to do the same thing. Filing an amendment will update the records of the state. It will also ensure the receipt of important documents addressed to your company.

D. Changing Contact Information –

  • LLCs

Another way for the state to reach your LLC is through your contact information. Make sure that you let them know in case you change your company’s phone numbers or email addresses. The amendment form includes a section where you need to input the contact information.

  • Corporations

The contact information of your Idaho corporation will help the state access you if it has legal queries. Make sure you update the Secretary of State about any changes to these pieces of information. Include the phone number and email address on the amendment form.

E. Changing The Number Of Shares That A Corporation Is Authorized To Issue – Like in other states, Idaho LLCs cannot issue shares. So, they do not have to think about making this change. As for corporations, you will have to make sure the state knows the authorized stock. If you want to change the number of shares that your company is allowed to sell, file an amendment with the Secretary of State.

What Is Needed To File An Amendment?


An Idaho LLC has to complete an Amendment to Certificate of Organization Limited Liability Company form. Submit 2 copies to the Secretary of State by fax, mail, or in person. You can also file amendments online using your company’s SOSBiz account. The filing also comes with a $30 fee.


To amend information on the Articles of Incorporation of your company in Idaho, you will have to file a completed Articles of Amendment form. The state also allows you to draft your own. Submit 2 copies of the articles to the Secretary of State by mail or in person. If you want to file online, sign in to the SOSBiz account of your company. The amendment also requires you to pay the $30 filing fee.

How Can DoMyLLC Assist With Streamlining The Process?

Making changes to a company’s formation documents require proper completion and filing of paperwork. Depending on the changes, you may also have to take care of other documents. To help ease the process, you can turn to a reliable document filing company like DoMyLLC. Our team can provide support and assistance to Idaho business owners who need help in handling formalities to ensure compliance with the state.

Idaho Amendment FAQs

The filing fee for an amendment in Idaho is $30.

LLCs have to provide the following information:

  • Name of your company
  • The date of organization
  • Complete principal office and mailing addresses
  • Name and addresses of members and/or managers
  • Exact text of the amendment
  • Authorized signature

Corporations have to provide the following information:

  • Name of the company
  • Exact text of the amendment
  • The adoption date
  • Manner of adoption
  • Authorized signature

The Secretary of State usually takes a week to finish processing an amendment.

You can expect a copy of the amendment on your mailing address. You can also print a copy directly from the official website of the Secretary of State.

Idaho Business Resources

Idaho Office of Secretary of State
Phone Number:
(208) 334-2301

Office of the Secretary of State
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0080

If you’re interested in more info on filing an amendment, call 888-366-9552.

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