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While managing your business in Florida, there may come a time when you realize that you have to make some changes. When this happens, it is crucial to be aware of the process that the state has set. You will also have to make sure all changes are reported to the state.

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What is A Florida Amendment?

An amendment is a process of formalizing changes to information you originally listed on the Articles of Incorporation/Organization of your company. It involves the filing of the proper paperwork. Florida requires all businesses to go through this legal process if they make any major changes in the organization.

Reasons Why You Need To File An Amendment

There are various instances that require the filing of an amendment. Generally, if the changes you are making will affect the formal entity structure of your company, you will need to file with the state.

A. Changing The Company Name –

  • LLCs

In certain cases, changing the company name is the best way to move forward. The reason does not matter. The important thing is for you to go through the legal process. Submit an amendment to the Department of State. Additionally, you will also have to update all government and state records.

  • Corporations

Conducting business using a new name requires you to file an amendment. Doing this will help make sure that your company runs legally. Aside from this, you will also have to change the name of your corporation on all official and legal records.

B. Changing Members Of The Business –

  • LLCs

Your LLC included information about the members and managers when you first submitted the Articles of Organization to the state. You will have to inform the state of any changes to the names, addresses, and contact information. You can also update the information through the annual report that you file online. If your company has filed the latest annual report already, you can also file an amended annual report form online.

  • Corporations

Your Articles of Incorporation includes basic information about the officers and directors of your corporation. It contains a list of their names, addresses, and contact information. If there are any changes, report it to the state. You can also update this through the annual report that you file online. In case you have already submitted the latest annual report, you can file an amended annual report online.

C. Changing Address Related To The Business –

  • LLCs

The address of your LLC is the state’s way of contacting your company. It is important to inform them if you move the location of your office. Aside from the amendment form, you can also report the changes by sending them an email.

  • Corporations

The same thing is true for corporations. The state must have the updated office and/or mailing addresses of your company. You can use the amendment form to inform them or email the changes to them.

D. Changing Contact Information –

  • LLCs

The contact information of your LLC is not only for clients. It is also the state’s way of reaching your company. So this means you have to report any changes. You also need to include a cover letter when you file an amendment. It requires you to include the email address of your company or authorized representative.

  • Corporations

If you decide to change the contact information of your Florida corporation, do not forget to inform the state. This way, the state can easily access your company in case it has legal queries. Include the email address of your corporation or an authorized representative on the information needed in the cover letter.

E. Changing The Number Of Shares That A Corporation Is Authorized To Issue – Only corporations can sell shares. If your Florida corporation decides to change the number of authorized shares, you need to file an amendment.

What Is Needed To File An Amendment?


Making amendments to the Articles of Organization of your LLC in Florida requires the submission of a completed Articles of Amendment to Articles of Organization form. You can file it with the Department of State by mail or in person along with the Cover Letter. You should also pay the $25 filing fee.


Florida corporations need to file a completed Articles of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation form and a cover letter. Submit these forms to the Department of State by mail or in person. Do not forget to include $35 for the filing fee.

How Can DoMyLLC Assist With Streamlining The Process?

Making changes to a company’s formation documents require proper completion and filing of paperwork. Depending on the changes, you may also have to take care of other documents. To help ease the process, you can turn to a reliable document filing company like DoMyLLC. Our team can provide support and assistance to Florida business owners who need help in handling formalities to ensure compliance with the state.

Florida Amendment FAQs

The filing fee for LLCs is $25, while corporations have to pay $35.

LLCs have to provide the following information:

  • Name of the company
  • The formation date
  • The LLC’s Florida document number
  • Exact text of the amendment

Corporations have to provide the following information:

  • Name of the company
  • Exact text of the amendment

The Department of State usually takes a week to process the amendment.

The Department of State will send an acknowledgment letter. You can also print a copy directly from their official website.

Florida Business Resources

Florida Department of State
Phone Number:
Florida Department of State
Clifton Building
2661 Executive Center Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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