File a North Dakota Reinstatement

Companies need to comply with their state obligations to ensure that they remain in good standing.

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Why Do You Need A North Dakota Reinstatement For Your LLC Or Corporation?

When a company falls into bad standing with the state, it may face noncompliance fines or possible administrative dissolution. North Dakota reinstatement is a way to bring it back into good standing so it can continue doing business.

What Is Needed To File For Reinstatement?

What good standing status entails may vary depending on the state. Generally, it means the proper filing of required reports and obligations on time. In some states, it also means that the company is current on its tax requirements.

The North Dakota reinstatement process may vary depending on the state where the company operates, so there will be differences in the requirements and transactions. Make sure you understand the laws of your state to avoid any issues.

In most cases, a dissolved or suspended company cannot legally do business in the state. It may be unable to sue or defend a lawsuit either. It is also possible for all of the contracts a dissolved company has gotten into to be voided.

North Dakota is one of the states that do not have a reinstatement form. A dissolved company will only have to file its past-due annual reports and pay the corresponding fees and the reinstatement fee. You can submit the documents and payment to the Secretary of State by mail, by fax, or in person. All fax filings require credit card payments.

Mailed Or In-Person Submissions:

Secretary of State

State of North Dakota

600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept. 108

P.O. Box 5513

Bismarck, North Dakota 58506-5513

Fax Filings: (702) 328-2992

How Much Will It Cost To Reinstate?

LLC – The reinstatement of a dissolved LLC in North Dakota costs $125. The annual report filing fee is $100.

Corporation – The reinstatement filing fee for North Dakota corporations is $135. The annual report fee is $85.


How Long Will This Process Take?

LLC – The Secretary of State normally takes approximately 30 days to finish LLC reinstatement filings.

Corporation – Generally, the processing time for corporate North Dakota reinstatement filings in 30 days.

What Is Required On The Forms?

LLC – Filing your annual report requires you to disclose some pieces of information related to the LLC.

  •   LLC Name
  •   State Of Organization
  •   Name And Address Of The Registered Agent
  •   Principal Office Address
  •   Brief Statement Of The Purpose Of Your LLC
  •   Names And Addresses Of The Members And Managers
  •   Signature And Title Of The Filer

Corporation – Your annual report should contain the following information:

  •   Company Name
  •   State Of Incorporation
  •   Name And Address Of The Registered Agent
  •   Principal Office Address
  •   Names And Addresses Of The Officers And Directors
  •   Corporation Stock Information
  •   Signature And Title Of The Filer

What If My Company’s Name Is In Use When I Need To Reinstate?

LLC – If the original LLC name is already in use, you can either get consent to continue using the name or adopt a new one.

Corporation – Following dissolution, your corporation name will be available to another business entity. If you want a North Dakota reinstatement for your business and your name is already in use, you will have to seek consent to use the name or adopt a different name.

How Can DoMyLLC Assist With Streamlining?

Reinstating your North Dakota company to get it back into good standing only requires the filing and payment of delinquent annual reports.

If you need help, contact an experienced third-party organization like DoMyLLC. Our team of experts can address your needs by providing personalized solutions. With us, you have the assurance that the service you are getting suits the needs of your business. Whether it’s for a North Dakota reinstatement or compliance obligations, we can assist you.

North Dakota Reinstatement FAQs

Yes, you can include any changes related to your registered agent on the annual report.

Since you will be filing an annual report, you can take the opportunity to update any information related to your company. You can add or remove the name and address of a company official. You can also change the principal office address.

The Secretary of State will dissolve your company as soon as there is a delinquent annual report. After the involuntary dissolution, you will have a year to reinstate. In total, you can miss up to two annual reports including one during the year of dissolution. After that, you can no longer be eligible for reinstatement.

An administratively dissolved company in North Dakota only has a year to reinstate. After that, you cannot continue doing business. You will have to form a new business entity. Additionally, the name of your company will not be safe during dissolution.

North Dakota Business Resources:

North Dakota Office of Secretary of State
Phone Number:
(701) 328-4284

North Dakota Secretary of State
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58505-0500