File a Florida Reinstatement

Florida companies have to fulfill their obligations with the state to ensure that they remain in good standing.

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Why Do You Need Florida Reinstatement For Your LLC Or Corporation?

Falling into bad standing not only affects the credibility of a company but also revokes the benefits that come with its business entity type. If it remains a delinquent long enough, the state may even end up administratively dissolving it. When that happens, the company will have to go through the Florida reinstatement process to legally do business again.

What Is Needed To File For Reinstatement?

Returning the good standing status of an administratively dissolved company requires the completion of the reinstatement process. In Florida, this involves the submission of formal paperwork, filing of past due reports, and payment of corresponding fees and penalties.

LLC – There are two ways of reinstating a dissolved Florida LLC. You can file directly online through the Department of State website. Alternatively, you can download the LLC reinstatement form, fill it out, and submit it by mail or in person to the Division of Corporations. You will also have to pay for all missed annual report fees.

Corporation – The same applies to corporations. You can either submit online or in paper form. Use the Corporation Reinstatement form and file it with the Department of State by mail or in person, along with the filing fee and all missed annual report fees.

How Much Will It Cost To Reinstate?

LLC – The reinstatement fee for dissolved LLCs is $100. The annual report fee costs $138.75 per year since your company’s administrative dissolution.

Corporation – The filing fee for reinstating Florida corporations is $600. Each missed annual report costs $150 per year since the administrative dissolution.


How Long Will This Process Take?

LLC – If you file online, the Department of State will take approximately 2-4 business days. For mailed submissions, the division may take around a week. If you file in person, you can request same-day service for no additional charge.

Corporation – The processing of corporate Florida reinstatement filings normally takes around 2-4 working days. If you submit by mail, the processing time may be a week. Meanwhile, you can request the division to process a walk-in submission while you wait.

What Is Required On The Forms?

LLC – Florida LLCs will have to prepare the following information to accomplish the reinstatement form:

  •   Document Filing Number, If Filing Online
  •   Business Entity Name
  •   Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  •   Email Address
  •   Principal Office Address
  •   Mailing Address
  •   Name, Address, And Signature Of The Registered Agent
  •   Names And Addresses Of The Members And Managers

Corporation – A dissolved corporation will have to provide the following information:

  •   Document Filing Number, If Filing Online
  •   Business Entity Name
  •   FEIN
  •   Email Address
  •   Principal Office Address
  •   Mailing Address
  •   Name, Address, And Signature Of The Registered Agent
  •   Names And Addresses Of The Officers And Directors

What Cannot Be Changed On The Forms?

LLC – You cannot change the name of your LLC when filing for reinstatement.  If there is a need to change the name of your LLC, you will have to file an amendment.

Corporation – You cannot change the name of the corporation when filing for reinstatement. If you want to change the company name, an amendment will have to be filed.

What If My Company’s Name Is In Use When I Need To Reinstate?

LLC – If your LLC name is no longer available when you reinstate, you will have to file an amendment to use a different one.

Corporation – Submit an amendment by mail to change your company name if the original one is already in use.

How Can DoMyLLC Assist With Streamlining?

When running a business in Florida, you would want it to remain in good standing with the state. However, failure to comply with your company’s obligations may cause you to lose that status. It may even lead to administrative dissolution.

When that happens, you have to complete Florida reinstatement. This process can be challenging, especially for people who are doing it for the first time. If you think that professional help is necessary, do not hesitate to contact a reliable third-party organization like DoMyLLC. Our team of experts can assist you and make sure that you will accomplish each step properly. We can also personalize our service to suit your company’s needs.

Florida Reinstatement FAQS

Yes, you can change the name or address of your registered agent when filing for reinstatement.

You can file for reinstatement no matter how many annual report filings and fees you have missed. However, you will have to settle all pending obligations to successfully complete your reinstatement.

A Florida company can reinstate its business at any time. You only have to file for reinstatement and pay all the corresponding fees and penalties.

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