District of Columbia LLC

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking to thrive in Washington, D.C., you should look into filing a District of Columbia LLC. Doing so could be incredibly advantageous to your business operations.

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Filing a District of Columbia LLC

If you are registering your first business, you’ll likely find that you have a couple of options to choose from when it comes to your corporate structure. Opting to register a District of Columbia LLC could be beneficial because of how quickly you can do so and the liability protection you gain as a result.

Steps To Filing A District of Columbia LLC

Choose A Name

Besides choosing their corporate structure, one of the most critical obligations business owners have is to select a name. The District of Columbia requires business owners to include an indicator in their title, such as “L.L.C.” “LLC,” “Limited Liability Company,” or a similar title.

Because this process is critical, it’s understandable that business owners would invest quality time into choosing the right name. However, before spending too much time coming up with a name, business owners should check to ensure the name they’ve come up with is available. They can do so on the DoMyLLC Name Availability Check Page.

Choose A Registered Agent

The District of Columbia requires LLCs to have a registered agent at all times. This agent must exist physically in the District of Columbia to qualify. The role of the registered agent is critical to the success of the business, as agents accept legal correspondence on behalf of the company and pass it along to business owners. Business owners should look into hiring DoMyLLC to serve as their trusted registered agent.

File Articles of Organization & Pay Filing Fees

The next step is for new LLC owners to file the Articles of Organization with the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs. When doing so, owners must also include a $220 filing fee. New entities must also include the following:

  • Registered agent information and written consent
  • Name of the LLC and the business address
  • Effective date
  • Description of the company’s purpose
  • Principal place of business
  • Title, name, and address of all managers and members of the LLC
  • Name, signature, and address of the organizer completing the document

File Initial Report

Once approved as a new business, the company must then file an Initial Report. New companies must also pay a filing fee of $300. The report is due by April 1.

Create An Operating Agreement And Hold Meetings

District of Columbia business owners will also want to draft an operating agreement to help define their corporate structure. Once they’ve implemented this document, members of the LLC can begin conducting meetings.

Obtain Employer Identification Number

The IRS mandates that every business carry an Employer Identification Number. Not only will this number allow new businesses to file taxes, but it will also let them open a bank account in the company’s name.

File State Required Biennial Reports

A District of Columbia LLC is required to file Biennial Reports. These reports are due by April 1st every other year. The filing fee to do so is $300. If a business does not file on time, they are subject to a $100 penalty. If not submitted by September 1, the business will no longer be certified in the District of Columbia.

Ongoing Maintenance

Companies must also continue to undergo regulatory maintenance to ensure they remain in good standing with the District of Columbia. This includes paying federal, state, and local taxes as well as securing the proper business licenses and permits.

How DoMyLLC Can Assist With Streamlining The Process

No matter if you need help forming your District of Columbia LLC or have already done so and are looking for administrative assistance, DoMyLLC has you covered. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Name availability check
  • Articles of Organization preparation
  • Filing of the Articles of Organization with the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
  • Sample documents, including a sample Operating Agreement, meeting notices, and meeting minutes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited customer support

Be sure to contact DoMyLLC to learn more about the services we offer and how they can be of benefit to your business.