Kentucky LLC

Are you looking to start a business in Kentucky? If so, you need to put serious consideration into opening a Kentucky LLC.

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Filing A Kentucky LLC

Many young business owners find that opening a Kentucky LLC is advantageous to their operations. They discover that it’s easy to set up an LLC and that doing so can protect them significantly from corporate liability.

Steps To Filing a Kentucky LLC

Choose A Name

When forming a Kentucky LLC, the first thing you’ll need to do is select a name. The state of Kentucky requires that you include an indicator in your name, such as “Limited Liability Company,” “LLC,” or an appropriate abbreviation. Additionally, new businesses cannot choose a name that is already in use by an existing entity. To prevent this from happening, prospective business owners should run their title through the DoMyLLC Name Availability Check Page.

Choose A Registered Agent

After choosing a name, new business owners must also select a registered agent to serve on their company’s behalf. The registered agent can either be an individual or a third-party company who is tasked with accepting legal correspondence on behalf of the business. Because this role is vital, many Kentucky LLC owners choose to hire a professional to serve in the position. DoMyLLC, for instance, offers quality registered agent services to Kentucky LLC owners.

File Articles Of Organization & Pay Filing Fees

Once prospective business owners have selected a name and registered agent, they can begin filing the Articles of Organization. Additionally, owners must pay a filing fee of $40 to the Kentucky Division of Business Filings. Other information that business owners will need to provide on this form includes:

  • Name of the company
  • Street address of the company’s initial registered office
  • Name of the registered agent
  • The mailing address of the initial principal office
  • Who will manage the company – members or managers
  • The effective date
  • Signature, printed name, and title of all organizers filing the document

File Initial Report

Unlike some other states, Kentucky business owners do not have to file an Initial Report. However, they should be sure not to miss the filing deadline for their first annual report.

Create An Operating Agreement And Hold Meetings

Kentucky LLC owners will also want to create an operating agreement to define how the company will be run. Once in place, the company can begin holding meetings and recording minutes.

Obtain Employer Identification Number

The IRS provides Employer Identification Numbers to Kentucky LLC owners. Not only will this enable new business owners to secure a bank account, but it also allows them to file annual taxes.

File State Required Annual Reports

The state of Kentucky also requires LLCs to file an Annual Report. This document is due by June 30 every year. Businesses can begin filing the form on January 1. When filing, companies must include a payment of $15 as well. Although there is no late fee for not submitting the form on time, the state will dissolve an entity if they do not file within 60 days.

Ongoing Maintenance

In addition to the Annual Report, Kentucky LLC owners must file other paperwork each year. Examples include taxes at the federal, state, and local level and any licenses or permits that are needed to operate the business.

How DoMyLLC Can Assist With Streamlining The Process

If you need help forming or running your Kentucky LLC, DoMyLLC is here for you with services such as:

  • Name availability check
  • Articles of Organization preparation
  • Filing of the Articles of Organization with the Division of Business Filing’s office
  • Sample documents, including a sample Operating Agreement, meeting notices, and meeting minutes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited customer support

By assisting with administrative duties, we have helped countless Kentucky LLC owners grow their business.