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Understand the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Rule (BOI). Starting January 1,
2024, businesses face a new federal regulation from the Corporate Transparency Act. Our article
delves into the purpose of the BOI reporting requirement, its impact on small businesses, who it
applies to, and how to file your BOI report. Discover if your business is a “reporting company”
and explore exemptions. Combat financial crimes like money laundering and fraud by disclosing
beneficial ownership details to the government. Stay informed to avoid fines of up to $10,000
and criminal charges.

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Understand what FinCEN’s Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements are and
what the penalties for non-compliance are. Learn how the Corporate Transparency Act aims to
combat financial crimes through corporate transparency. Discover what types of businesses need
to submit reports, what types of businesses are exempt from submitting reports, and when the
BOI reports are due.

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