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Since both Corporations and LLC’s can elect for S-Corporation tax status, the main difference between the two structures are the formalities. Both have a pass thru taxation treatment but the S-Corp has to comply with corporate formalities. No matter what structure you decide to file for your business, using DoMyLLC takes 15 minutes of your time. Simply place an order and provide a signature if needed. We make it that easy to DO.

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Separate Legal Entity – both are separate legal entities filed with the state office.

Limited Liability Protection – with both structures, owners are not personally liable for business liabilities and debts.

Pass Through Taxation – profits of the business will “pass through” to the owners to report with their personal tax returns.


S-corporations need to comply with corporate formalities of holding meetings, recording meeting minutes, issuing stock and adopting corporate bylaws. With an LLC there are no formalities.

S-Corporations can have a maximum shareholder amount of 100 while LLCs do not have a maximum number of shareholders allowed.

Owners of an S-corporation must be U.S. Citizens. With an LLC this is not the case. Owners are not required to be U.S. citizens in an LLC.

Owners of an S-Corporation can not be other entities such a C-Corporation, S-Corporation or LLCs. Owners of an LLC do not have to be individuals. Owners can be Corporations, S-Corporation or LLCs.

Since the taxation is very similar the type of entity, to file depends on each individual business and what they want to accomplish. In the end the owners will have to decide. Whether you decide to form an LLC or an S-Corp, DoMyLLC will ensure your Articles are filed properly with the state so you can focus on running your business.

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Packages Starting at $99

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