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After conducting a comprehensive search and determining that a trademark appears to be available, the next step is to complete an application.

Here at DoMyLLC our Trademark specialists understand the needs of small business and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Having DoMyLLC complete a Federal Trademark Application takes less than15 minutes of your time. Simply place an order, wait for the application and send it to the UPSTO. We make it that easy to DO. Our office will prepare the federal application for the trademark. We will review the application for accuracy and send a copy for you to submit to the USPTO.

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There are two different types of trademark applications, “In Use” and “Intent to Use.”

If a mark is currently being used in commerce, then the applicant would file an, “In Use” application. If an applicant has a mark not yet in use but has the intention to use the mark at a later date, that person would file an “Intent to Use” application.

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How long does the process take?

The process of completing a trademark is rather time consuming. It generally takes about 9-16 months to get a trademark approved. Unfortunately, there is no expedited service with the USPTO.

Who can apply for a trademark?

Only the owners of a mark can apply for trademark protection. The owners of a trademark can be an individual, partnership, corporation, LLC and non profit corporation.

What are the filing fees to register a trademark?

The cost is $375 per trademark per international class the mark is being registered in. If there is one mark being registered in one class it is a $375 fee. If one mark is being registered in 3 international classets, the fee would be $1125 (3x$375 =$1125).

What are the international classifications?

There are a total of 45 international classets. Class 1-34 are goods while 35-45 are services.

See trademark excel sheet for a list of all the classets.

Why have DoMyLLC file my trademark application?

Here at DoMyLLC, satisfaction is our top priory. We want the process to be easy for our customers and feel as though they paid for the service they were expecting. We will complete the application and outline exactly what needs to be done by you once you receive the paperwork. If you have any questions about what to do with the application, just give us a call and we will walk you through the process.

What happens after I receive the application from DoMyLLC?

Once the customer receives the completed application they will need to follow the instructions and submit the application to the UPSTO along with the filing fee. From there, the customer will be dealing directly with the USPTO to complete the process. The customer should expect to have their first correspondence back about 2-3 months from when the application was submitted.

Comparison Chart– Compare all entity types to determine the proper structure for your business.

Tax Savings Calculator – See how much in taxes can potentially be saved when filing for S Corporation status.

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**Lawyers generally charge over $1000 for the search alone.