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Having a reliable Florida registered agent is extremely important. The registered agent is the main point of contact for state & federal agencies. Don’t leave important details like this to someone who is not an expert.

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A Florida registered agent is a third-party person or entity who is designated by your company to act on the company’s behalf accepting documents for the business, including tax and legal documents. Essentially, the RA is the main point of contact with the business world. Every corporation or limited liability company in the state of Florida is required to have a registered agent and must indicate who they are when filing formation documents.

The RA must be located in the state, and will receive any service of process, documents or other official communication from the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations on behalf of the organization. The requirements for a Florida registered agent are as follows:

  • The RA must have a physical address in Florida. Post office boxes or virtual offices are not accepted.
  • The RA must be available to accept service of process during regular business hours.
    Must be available to forward service of process received on behalf of the business to the designated business.
  • According to Florida’s Division of Corporations, a business entity may serve as a registered agent; however, an entity cannot serve as its own registered agent. A principal associated with the business may serve as the RA.

By following these requirements, the state of Florida can track the delivery of legal mail which creates a physical record that something was delivered.

If there is a change to your Florida registered agent, you are required that all address changes be reported on the annual report for the current year. If there is no report due for the current year, or an annual report has already been filed, the Florida Statement of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent form must be submitted along with the appropriate payment – $25 for limited liability companies and $35 for corporations and limited partnerships. The Statement of Change of Agent cannot be filed online; it must be done via mail and takes approximately one week to process.

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