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If you are like most people, when it comes to changing your oil for your car you take it to a place to have it done. Just like changing your oil, when you are looking to start an LLC you have an expert handle the paperwork for you.

Here at DoMyLLC we specialize in setting up and maintaining LLC documents for small to large sized companies. There are always going to be people that want to file the paperwork themselves so to make it easy on them we have provided the steps needed in order to file an LLC in the state.

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Steps to Forming an LLC:

1. Company Name Check

The first thing to consider is the name of the company. Once you have decided on the name, it is important to check if the name is available for use within the state. If the name submitted to the state is taken, the filing will be rejected and the company will have to come up with a new name and resubmit the filing documents to the state.

2. Draft Articles of Organization

Once you have found that the name is available, the Articles need to be drafted. It is very important to follow the instructions the state sets forth. Failure to submit the Articles correctly will cause the filing to be rejected. If rejected, the Articles will need to be redrafted and resubmitted to the state.

3. Submit Articles of Organization for Approval

After the Articles of Organization are completed the organizer will need to sign the articles. Once the articles are signed they need to be sent to the state office for approval along with the state filing fee.

4. Receive Certified Articles

You’re approved. Once the state has approved the Articles of Organization, they will stamp the documents, provide a file date and number at which point the business is a legal entity.

5. Draft Operating Agreement (Recommended)

It is strongly recommended that the members of the company draft an Operating Agreement for the company.

Here at DoMyLLC we are experts in filing paperwork. We make sure the company name is available; we draft the required articles, provide the company a registered agent and draft a customized operating agreement. We make sure everything is completed so you can focus on running your business.

Packages starting at $99

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