Your internal company culture may not seem that interesting to you, but for a potential customer, a glimpse into your world via Snapchat and other social mediums can be the vehicles that convert views into sales and customer loyalty. If your target demographics are Millennials, Gen Z, or their parents, then getting your small business on Snapchat is as important as having a Website page is for other businesses. Because the average user of Snapchat is between about 15 and 30 years of age, merchants can reach people buying their goods in all kinds of industries that cater to the needs of these groups.

What to Show Your Snapchat Audience

Google started the trend of allowing dogs to work — something other tech companies have added to what they allow their employees to do. But more than just bringing pets to work, posting adorable employee puppy pics on Google+ and in articles from the company drew in a crowd — and has also done so for many other companies. In fact, Stephen Colbert showed off some of the dogs of his staff members right on the “Late Show,” professing his CBS workplace was dog-friendly, and feigning a mock Westminster Dog Show as the opening of his show in mid-February 2016. The opening monologue featuring dogs with Colbert created quite the stir on social media, including Snapchat, YouTube, and of course Twitter, where @StephenAtHome received images of tens of thousands of his fans’ dogs.

This kind of connection is what today’s consumers are looking for — a way to feel they are part of what your small business is doing, not simply buying the things you make or the services you offer. The best way you can use Snapchat is to show your employees doing their jobs, pulling funny faces, and up to no good while the boss is out. Create a calendar for special Snapchat days, like craziest bedhead, worst dressed for a serious meeting, what’s for lunch, brainstorming sessions that Snapchat viewers can respond to — and give you feedback that’s actually useful.

Using What You Learn from Your Followers to Create New Products and Stay on Trend

Because Snapchat allows you to create montages using both images and video, you can choose fun ways to show what workers are up to on lunch breaks, or video of them giving you a pie to the face on your birthday. But you can also show your Snapchat audience things that help them guide your commercial enterprise. The beauty of showing day-to-day events to your Snapchat followers is that they get to see what things are really like in the home office of the company where they buy their favorite shoes, animal products, organic foods, or snowboarding gear. But other images and videos give your viewers food for thought — this is a huge win-win. When you ask your Snapchat audience to give you feedback on a video showcasing a new product line or a new way you’re considering doing business, like accepting Samsung Pay, for example, you’re handing the reigns over to them. This allows you to hear back directly from those you serve: simply take a tally of the yays and nays, and read comments that might actually generate ideas on how to tackle challenges you hadn’t thought of: it’s like having a free focus group!

Sneak Peaks Into Future Product Offerings

Snapchat is an excellent tool for video promos and teasers. By showing off just enough of your up-and-coming tech gadget, T-shirt or shoe line, or the next new thing that will be hitting shelves in 30 to 60 days, you’ll create a buzz that your Snapchat audience will take to Twitter and Facebook, Reddit, and beyond. Eventually, when they have the product in their hands, they’ll head back to Snapchat or even YouTube for a quick product review. This is the kind of advertising companies in decades past wished they could have had and would have paid for in spades — and it’s right at your fingertips, and completely free. Create your company’s Snapchat account and learn how to use this powerful social media tool for advertising and showing off your company culture — you’ll love the dividends.