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Do you feel as though you’re getting the most out of your registered agent? As a Maryland business owner, you may soon discover that registered agents are not just a formality, but instead a tool that could help grow your business.

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A registered agent is a business or individual who serves as a company’s representative. They are typically tasked with accepting documents on the LLC’s behalf, including official government correspondence. This can include service of process notices, tax information, communication from the Department of Assessments and Taxation, and notices of lawsuits. A Maryland Registered Agent act as a middle-man, as it is their job to see that members of the LLC receive these documents.

Maryland Registered Agent Requirements For an Individual 

When choosing a new registered agent, it’s crucial that Maryland business owners meet the requirements as defined by the Department of Assessments and Taxation. Failure to do so could jeopardize future business proceedings. Requirements include:

  1. The individual must be a resident of the state of Maryland
  2. Individuals must be at least 18 years old
  3. All registered agents must have a physical presence in the state of Maryland
  4. All registered agents must occupy the building listed as the registered office during regular business hours
  5. A post office box will not suffice as a registered office

Maryland Registered Agent Requirements For a Company

In additional to having an individual serve as their registered agent, business entities also have the option of choosing a third-party company serve as their agent. Requirements include:

  1. The company must have permission to conduct business in the state.
  2. The company must provide a physical address to serve as the registered office and be open during regular business hours.

DoMyLLC Can Serve As Your Maryland Registered Agent

It’s critical that new business owners find a registered agent upon who they can trust and rely. At DoMyLLC, we offer Maryland registered agent services to those looking to file as an LLC or corporation in the state of Maryland. When hiring us to serve as a registered agent, business owners can rest assured that they are receiving reliable, professional services, including:

  1. A physical address in the state of Maryland, meeting requirements set forth by the Department of Assessments and Taxation’s Office.
  2. An office available during business hours from Monday through Friday. We can accept all legal correspondence for a company.
  3. A secure online account where business owners can manage your documents.
  4. An innovative management system design making it easier than ever for business owners to handle all legal correspondence, even if they’re not in the state.
  5. A compliance reminder system that informs business owners when annual report filings are due, ensuring they never miss a deadline.
  6. A compliance calendar, which is an easy-to-view method that allows owner to track when annual reports are due.
  7. A vast document library that includes both state and internal paperwork for Corporations and LLCs
  8. Links to state and government agencies
  9. Unlimited document storage

If businesses in Maryland miss important deadlines, such as annual report filings, they could be subject to harsh penalties. When hiring DoMyLLC as a registered agent, business owners can trust that their information will be uploaded to the online management system immediately upon delivery and that they will never miss an important deadline. DoMyLLC allows business owners to focus on running their business instead of having to burden themselves with compliance paperwork.

How To Change Your Maryland Registered Agent
If you are a business owner in the state of Maryland who is not satisfied with the registered agent currently representing your company, it’s possible that you can make a change.

  • Hire a New Agent – To begin the process of replacing a registered agent, Maryland business owners should first move to secure a replacement agent. Because an agent is required at all times, it’s crucial that businesses have their replacement in waiting when they file the Change of Agent paperwork.
  • File the Required Change of Agent Paperwork with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation – After selecting a new agent, business owners can file their Change of Agent paperwork with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. When completing this paperwork, businesses must include information regarding both their existing registered agent and their new registered agent. Remember that the information contained in this form will be a matter of public record. This is the only method that Maryland businesses have to change their registered agent information. Companies cannot do so when they file their annual report.
  • Pay the Filing Fee – The filing fee to change registered agents in the state of Maryland is $25. This is a small investment that could end up yielding tremendous dividends for a business.

State Filing Fees
Filing fees in Maryland depend significantly on the business entity submitting the paperwork and their reason for doing so. Below, business owners will find charts detailing the various filing fees in the state.

Entity Type State Fee Registered Agent Change
Domestic Maryland Corporation $25
Domestic Maryland Limited Liability Company $25
Domestic Maryland Non-Profit Corporations $25
Domestic & Foreign Partnerships (LP, LLP, LLLP) $25
Foreign Corporations $25
Foreign Non-Profit Corporations $25
Foreign Limited Liability Companies $25
Corporation Entity Type State Fee for Formation
Domestic Maryland Corporation $120
Domestic Maryland Non-Profit Corporation $170
Foreign Corporation Qualification $100
Foreign Non-Profit Corporation Qualification $100
LLC Entity Type State Fee for Formation
Domestic Maryland Limited Liability Company $100
Domestic Maryland Partnerships $100
Foreign Limited Liability Company Qualification $100
Foreign Partnership Qualification $100