Why Do I Need a Registered Agent?

The benefits of having a registered agent is, experience, availability and peace of mind. Having a professional registered agent will ensure proper business documentation is forwarded to the business in a timely manner.

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Registered Agent Benefits

There are many important details to sort out when forming a business, and determining a registered agent for your corporation is one of them. Business owners may be tempted to save a buck and list themselves as the company’s registered agent, but for a small fee and complete peace of mind, appointing a registered agent service provider to handle these services will be game changing.

Your Business Address

Is your preferred business address a post office box? Sole proprietors and general partnerships may not have a physical business address that they want known to the public and therefore use a post office box to collect any mail.

Unfortunately, this means that the owner cannot serve as the registered agent for the business as a physical address is a requirement when registering with the state. Choosing a registered agent service provider allows their address to be publicly listed and yours to be kept private.

At some point, your business may need to change its address. Perhaps your business has skyrocketed and the current space doesn’t meet your needs, your lease is up or you’ve found a better location to market to your customers.

Whatever the reason, any time the business address changes, the state needs to be notified, often with some states collecting a fee. Remembering all the reasons that the state needs to be notified of changes can be difficult, but one phone call to the registered agent service provider, and the changes and fees are handled.

Operating Hours

Let’s talk office hours. Some businesses prefer to conduct operations outside of normal 8-5 business hours or only wish to operate throughout the weekend, like Thursdays through Sundays. It is a requirement that the registered agent be available during typical business hours and enlisting a registered service agent allows the business to operate freely and during the time of their choosing, while the registered agent complies with the rules.

The Purpose of a Registered Agent

The registered agent service will be the point of contact to receive all of the important documents during a typical workday, leaving the business owner to focus on managing the day-to-day operations, at whatever time they choose.

On a similar note, a registered agent service is completely necessary if the business owners conduct business away from the office, or are required to travel. Stepping away from the office for even five minutes means risking missing a very important delivery of documents.

As the registered agent is the only one who can sign for the delivery, it is imperative to have a service provider who will ensure these documents are received on behalf of the business.

Keeping up with legal compliance can be time consuming especially if the business operates in multiple states, or has been incorporated in a state that is separate from the physical address. Knowing and understanding the laws for one state is hard, and managing the changing requirements can be labor intensive. Add in the requirements for multiple states and you may be ready to pull your hair out.

How DoMyLLC Can Help

Having a service provider like DoMyLLC eases the burden from your shoulders, and provides peace of mind knowing the experts are taking care of the necessary requirements for filing paperwork, tracking due dates and legislative changes. We ensure that your business remains in “good standing” with all of the states that the business operates in.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a registered agent service provider will ensure that any significant legal documents are served in private. Just like receiving a summons for jury duty, being served with a Service of Process typically comes from a law enforcement official.

By using a service provider, businesses can avoid the public serving that could happen in front of employees, clients or even shareholders. At DoMyLLC, we’ll ensure that the documents are provided to you swiftly and discreetly, so that business can operate without disruptions.


A Registered Agent is a person or authorized entity who can accept legal documents, tax documents and notifications from a government office on behalf of a Corporation or LLC.

The main function of the Registered Agent is to receive service of process (legal correspondence) on behalf of the company. If the company is being sued, the agent is the person that will receive the lawsuit.

The Registered Agent can be any individual (over the age of 18) or authorized entity that resides at a physical location within the state of filing. A P.O. box does not qualify.

The agent is responsible for legal correspondence which is handled during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m.

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