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Wanting to extend your business beyond your formation state without having to reincorporate? Are you about to acquire a company or go through a merger? DoMyLLC will research the requirements of each state and help you choose the foreign qualification package that best suits your goals. 

Talk With One Of Our Experts Today To:

File A Foreign Qualification

Obtain Certificate Of Good Standing

File A Conversion

Appoint A Registered Agent

DBA Registration

Let Our Team Help Your Business Grow According To State And Federal Law.

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Why DoMyLLC?

What To Say? More Small Businesses Have Trusted DoMyLLC


With our team of business filing and compliance experts, all documents required to expand and maintain exponential growth for your company will be done correctly in a timely manner.


With our Entity Management System growing your business is alleviated to a click or phone call. We will process all the paperwork to ease your corporate growth.


We have helped 1000’s of companies expand to various jurisdictions and keep them accomplished in their new states regarding compliance requirements.


From a simple name change amendment to multi-state registration we have a system in place to make sure the process is done right promptly.

Common Business Structure Filings

Let's face it; registering a business can be confusing. Knowing which type of business to start is an important decision that you want to get right up front. We're here to demystify the process and help you choose the one that's right for you based on your goals now and for the future.


Thinking about an LLC? Learn more about limited liability companies, their tax obligations, asset protections and more.

S Corp

Considering an S-Corporation? Find out about S-Corps, their tax obligations, liabilities and more.

C Corp

Contemplating a general for-profit corporation? Find out about C-Corps, their tax obligations, liabilities and more.

Non Profit

Interested in a non profit corporation? Find out about non profits, their tax-exempt status, corporate formalities and more.

Start with the right business structure.

Answer a few easy questions to help you decide which one may be your best choice.

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