All About Form LLC-12: Your Statement of Information

All LLCs should file a California LLC-12 to keep the Secretary of State updated about the changes in the details and information about the business.

If you have formed a limited liability company (LLC) in California, chances are you are already aware of the process that one needs to go through to organize a business. After facing all the steps and providing all the necessary information, you have successfully legalized your business operations. However, there is one more thing that you need to take care of – California LLC 12.

What Statement of Information Is

The Form LLC-12 Statement of Information (SOI) is something that the state uses to track changes in a company. It includes updates and changes to some information related to the business. In other words, it is a way for you to keep the Secretary of State updated on your business information.

For startups, you have to file the first California LLC 12 90 days after the approval date by the Secretary of State. You can check the date by looking at the approved Articles of Organization. You can also do a business search and look for the registration date for your company.

You should also submit an SOI if there are any changes in the information that you have previously filed. After that, you will have to submit one every two years. You have to do it on your LLC’s anniversary date or the date when you got the approval for your company.

Who Should File It

California requires all companies that have business operations and transactions in California to file an SOI. A company should use the form in case there are changes in the details compared to the last filing. Among the changes that may occur are the following:

  • Business and mailing address
  • The name and address of the LLC’s registered agent
  • The type or purpose of the business
  • Name and address of managers and members of the LLC

Companies can file an SOI to keep their information current with the Secretary of State. If a company is suspended or forfeited by the Franchise Tax Board (FTB), the business needs to resolve it with the FTB. To avoid having to forfeit or suspend status, make sure you submit an SOI on time.

If there are no changes in information and everything is the same as when you last submitted California LLC 12, you can use form LLC-12nc, which is a no change statement, instead.

How To File California LLC 12

Any authorized member of the company can file Form California LLC-12 on behalf of the LLC. Download a copy of the form from the website of the Secretary of State of California. Provide all the necessary information. Then, send the completed form and the $20 filing fee to the Secretary of State. You can submit it either in person or by mail. For certified copies, you will have to pay for an additional $5 per document.

If you fail to file on time, you will have to pay for the $250 penalty. The Secretary of State may also forfeit or suspend your LLC’s powers, rights, and privileges if you fail to submit the SOI.

If you did not submit on time, then you will receive a notification for failure to file. After that, the Secretary of State will give your company 60 days. You should be able to file the SOI within that grace period. If you think you cannot meet the deadline, submit a Request for Waiver Liability within 30 days of receiving the liability notification. Explain in the request why you filed the document late.

The Secretary of State also sends a postcard reminder to companies’ business addresses around a month or two before the deadline. However, you do not have the assurance that you will receive one. Thus, you should take extra steps to avoid forgetting the deadline. You can set a reminder on your phone or mark the date on the calendar.

You can file your ongoing SOI as early as six months before your deadline.

Information You Will Need for California LLC 12

There are 15 items that you need to fill out in the form. Be honest about all the information to avoid any problems. Make sure you put the updated data.

  • Write the name of your LLC. It should be the same as the one seen on the records of the Secretary of State.
  • Put the LLC number you have gotten from the Secretary of State.
  • Input the name of the state or place where you have registered the LLC.
  • Check the box on item 4 if your company has not changed any details since the last filing.
  • Write your LLC’s street address.
  • If your company’s mailing address is different from the office address, you should write it in item 6.
  • If you have formed your company in California, fill out the address needed on item 7.
  • List down all the names and addresses of all managers of your LLC if your LLC is manager-managed.
  • If your company is member-managed, you need to enter the information about all the members.
  • Companies that have a CEO may also include basic information about that person.
  • Write the name of your company’s registered agent in California. It can be an individual or a business entity that has a physical address in the state and practices normal business hours.
  • Put the street address of the registered agent in California.
  • Explain the purpose and the principal business activity of your LLC.
  • Write the name and title of the individual who completed the form.
  • Put the date the authorized person completed Form California LLC 12.

Getting Help for Your Filing Needs

After filling out the form, make sure all information is accurate. Some companies choose to hire the services of a company to help them deal with the legal documents. If you want the process to be hassle-free, you can rely on DoMyLLC. Our experience can provide you with a service that will ensure peace of mind. Contact us now and leave your LLC document filing needs to us.

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