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Non profit corporations are organizations that exist for charitable, religious, educational and mutual benefit purposes.

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A Nonprofit Corporation is exactly what it says, “Nonprofit.” Unlike a C-Corp, Nonprofits do not have stock, hence they have no owner. Like C-Corporations there is a board of directors and officers that run the organization.

Common business activities to file a Nonprofit Corporation:

  • Charitable.
  • Educational.
  • Religious.
  • Scientific.
  • Literary.
  • Public Safety.

Nonprofit Steps

Unlike General for Profit Corporations, there is an additional step in filing a Non profit Corporation. After the articles of Incorporation are filed with the Secretary of state the Nonprofit must file to become, “Tax Exempt” with the IRS.

Federal tax exemption 501C provides that there are 28 types of non profit organizations (501C 1-28) that are exempt from some federal income taxes. Once the exemption is approved by the IRS, the filings required to become a non profit corporation are complete. Under this tax code the company is not allowed to pay dividends and if the company is ever dissolved all assetts must be distributed to another non profit corporation.


There are formal requirements in order to maintain corporate liability protection for owners of the corporation. Corporations are required to:

  • Maintain bylaws.
  • Hold annual meeting.
  • Record meeting minutes.
  • File state annual reports.
  • File taxes.

What information is needed when incorporating?

 The information needed to file a Nonprofit Corporation:
  • Organization name
  • Organization address
  • Registered agent and physical address
  • Officers of the organization
  • Directors of the organization
  • Business activity

What is a Board of Directors?

The directors jointly oversee the activities of the company. It is the responsibility of the board members to carry out the duties of non profit corporation.

Who are officers in a Nonprofit Corporation?

Officers are responsible for running the day to day activities of the non profit. Officers are generally appointed by the board directors. Although many different officer positions may be appointed, there are three main officers in a non profit corporation:

  • President – Is the top executive in the company. They are responsible for the overall management of the company and ensure the duties set forth by the Board of Directors are carried out.
  • Secretary – Is generally responsible for maintaining all corporate records and documents.
  • Treasurer – Is the chief financial officer of the company and is responsible for all corporate finances and bank accounts.

What is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent is a person or authorized entity, who can accept legal documents and notifications from a government office on behalf of a non profit corporation. All non profit corporations must designate a person or entity to act as their registered agent. The agent can be anyone in the state as long as they are at a physical location and available during normal business hours. Our office includes this service in our package in order to ensure proper state requirements are met. For more information on our registered agent services please click here.

What is the process once you complete an order?

  • Review & Processing – Your order will be reviewed and processed by one of our document filing specialists.
  • Signature – Documents need to be signed.
  • State Approval – the documents will be sent to the state for approval.
  • Completion – Once we receive the final paperwork back from the state, we complete your order and send the final documents for your records.

What will I receive in my package?

All standard packages include the following:

  • Filed Articles of Incorporation
  • Customized Bylaws
  • Minutes for Meeting
  • Stock Certificates
  • Registered Agent Service for 1 year
  • Document Storage
  • Compliance Reminders & Tips

What is required once the Nonprofit paperwork is completed?

After the articles of Incorporation are filed with the Secretary of state the Nonprofit must file a 501C and elect to become, “Tax Exempt” with the IRS.

Along with filing for a tax exemption, a Non profit must also maintain bylaws, hold annual meetings, record minutes and complete any state required annual reports.

Is a non profit required to file taxes since it is tax exempt?

The best way to find out about taxation questions for your business would be to speak with an accountant. Here at DoMyLLC we specialize in preparing state paperwork and are not qualified to answer specific tax questions.

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