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Like corporations, there are different types of LLCs that can be filed. The main difference is within the management structure of the business. There are two different types of LLCs that can be filed.

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Types of LLCs (Limited Liability Companies)

In a member-managed LLC, the members are the owners and they also run the company on a day to day basis. This is the more common LLC structure to file, however there are some instances in which a manager-managed LLC may be more beneficial.

A manager-managed LLC must have at least two people involved. With this structure there is a member/s that owns the LLC and there is a manger that is appointed by the member/s to run the company on their behalf. The manager that is appointed is not an owner of the company, just someone authorized to run the company.

Example – Tom opens up a personal gym and hires Eric, a certified personal trainer that has ran a personal gym for the past 10 years. Tom would be the member of the LLC and Eric would be the manger who runs the company for Tom. Eric is not an owner of the company in any way, just someone authorized by the owner (Tom) to run the company on his behalf.

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Packages starting at $99

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