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The world is filed with paperwork and sometimes it can feel like you are filling something out what you just filed out. The initial report filings can seem like those types of filings.

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A handful of states require a subsequent filing within 30-120 days after the company is officially filed with the state. The filing is often referred to as an “Initial Report”. The state requires the information after filing allowing the company time to elect officers/directors, decide a business location and make important business decisions. Initial Reports generally consist of information on:

  • Current Business Address.
  • Current Registered Agent and Address.
  • Officers, directors and Members.
  • Business Activity.

Failure to file the report can cause additional state fees, a revoked status and possible dissolution by the state.

Initial reports are required in: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington.

What states require an Initial Report?

  • California.
  • Connecticut.
  • Georgia.
  • Missouri.
  • Nevada.
  • New Mexico.
  • Washington.

Why is this required when the company was just filed?

Most of the states that require initial reports ask the company for minimal information at the time of filing. The report updates the state with information they want to know on the company but not at the time of the initial filing.

What is the process once an order is placed with DoMyLLC?

  • A document specialist reviews the order and processes the request.
  • Documentation is sent to the contact and a officer, director or member will need to sign and return the documents in the envelope provided.
  • Documents will be sent to the state for approval.
  • Proof of filing will be sent to the customer for their records.

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