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There are many benefits to filing an LLC for your business and using DoMyLLC will ensure it is set up and maintained properly. Your satisfaction is our top priority. No matter why you choose to file an LLC our trained business specialists understand the needs of small business and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Filing an LLC with DoMyLLC takes 15 minutes of your time. Simply place an order and provide a signature if needed. We make it that easy to DO.

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Limited Personal Liability
Owners of an LLC are not held personally liable for debts of the business. This is the main reason individuals choose to form an LLC. If the business is sued, the owners and officers are not required to personally satisfy a debt if the business is unable to.

Separate Legal Entity
An LLC is a separate legal entity from its owners, officers and employees. In a sense it is like a person. An LLC can build credit, enter into contracts, earn income and be sued in court. In the eye of the consumer an LLC is looked at as a more professional business structure then a sole proprietorship or partnership.

An LLC allows for “pass through” taxation. The profits of the business will pass through the company to the owners, who will report the profits of the company on their individual tax returns. Since the income of the company passets down to the owners, the company avoids double taxation like with a C-Corporation.

Few Formalities
Unlike corporations LLC are not required to hold annual meetings, take minutes or issue stock. They are much easier to maintain which is appealing for small business owners.

Perpetual Life
Unlike a partnership since an LLC is a separate legal entity from its owners and officers, it can live on forever. When an individual owner of a partnership dies, so does the business. With an LLC this is not the case. Death of an officer or member will not cause the business to cease.

Unlimited Owners
Unlike some business structures an LLC can have an unlimited amount of owners.

The process of starting an LLC is just a click or phone call away. Protect yourself and your business before it is too late. DoMyLLC will ensure your Articles are filed properly with the state so you can focus on running your business.

Packages starting at $99

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