Certificate of Authority (Foreign Qualification)

Foreign Qualifications

Corporations and LLCs can do business in other states than the state in which they were formed. Before pursuing operations in another state, filing for foreign qualification or obtaining a certificate of authority may be required. For example, if your business is incorporated in Utah but has a field office in Nevada, you would typically have to obtain a foreign qualification for the state of Nevada. In doing this, you are essentially applying for the authority to do business in that state. Generally speaking, you need to qualify for doing business in another state in these circumstances:

  • Your company has an office in another state
  • Your company hires W-2 employees
  • Your company holds real estate assets in another state
  • Your company is required to hold a specific license in the state

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The Importance of Foreign Qualifications

Failure to qualify for business transactions when it is required could result in complications, including:

  • Paying back taxes for the duration you were not qualified
  • Penalties and fines for the time you were not qualified
  • Losing access to the state's court system, leaving you defenseless against lawsuits in the state

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Hassle Free Process

Obtaining authority to conduct operations in another state can be started in two easy steps: placing your order and verifying your forms with a signature. After you have completed these steps, we take care of the details. We do everything from preparing the paperwork to filing the documents with the state. We even pay the filing fees. Once everything is filed, we send out your copies for your records. A physical copy will be delivered to your shipping address via FedEx and an electronic file will be sent to your email address.

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